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Services, Rates,

& Payment Options

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy consists of one on one session for 45-55 minutes.  We are there to guide your child but we hope they come to the session knowing it is a safe place to talk about whatever they need to discuss.  Kids are more likely to develop anxiety or depression when they experience trauma or stress, experience confusion, when they are bullied or rejected by other kids.  We will also work on coping skills, stress management skills, and techniques to help deal with their given issues.  The length of individual therapy is dependent on, well the individual and how well they feel they are doing. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions are 55 minutes.  When kids are experiencing anxiety and depression, it can be like a pebble in a pond.  The ripples effect the entire family.  When kids are struggling with their gender or sexual identity, it can also lead to confusion for family members.  Family therapy can help family members communicate better, solve problems, and find new ways to work together. Family therapy can give family members new skills to get through difficult situations in healthier ways.  Family therapy does not have to take a long time. The average is about 12 sessions.


Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as assessments or therapy. It allows therapists to evaluate, diagnose and provide therapy to clients using common technology, like through video on a computer, without the need for an in-person visit. Telemedicine is beneficial for those times your teenager cannot come into the office because of weather or schedule. Telemedicine is also beneficial to help provide treatment to teenagers and families who have transportation issues. 

Crisis Counseling

Crisis counseling is an intervention that can help individuals deal with the crisis by offering assistance and support in that moment.  It can be a brief intervention until the next appointment can be set up.  Crisis counseling can also be for kids who need immediate but brief intervention.  This type of counseling usually last no longer than a few weeks.

Payment Options



Blue Cross / Blue Shield




Medical Mutual




Please contact your insurance company prior to your visit about preauthorization, co-pays and deductibles.  Please bring your insurance card with you on your first visit. 

Out of Network

We can also give you an insurance super-bill so you can file it with your insurance company for out of network reimbursement.  Many insurance companies apply this towards your out of network deductible.  You will need to check with your insurance company prior to the appointment. 


We accept payment from HSA accounts. Check with your administrator to make sure this is an option for you. 

Private Pay

We also accept private pay through cash, check, or credit card.  Many clients do decide to use private pay because of confidentiality.  When a therapist accepts insurance, that therapist must diagnosis the client.  The therapist, at times, must also provide the insurance company with notes and treatment plans if requested.  Many teenagers are just going through a difficult time and just need help through their difficult time.  It does not necessarily mean they need long term therapy. 


Intake Assessment 60-90 minute session with your teenager and you $265


Individual 45-55 minute sessions with your teenager $165-$185


Family 55 minute session with your teenager and you $200


Telemedicine 55 minute session with your teenager $185


Crisis Call (phone call only) 20-30 minutes $75 (Out of pocket. Insurance does not pay for phone calls)

We set aside a few sliding scale appointments each month. Please contact us for details.  


All payments are due at each appointment time.  


There will be a full charge for any missed appointment or an appointment that is not cancelled within 24 hours.

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