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About Me & My Approach

Greetings!  I am Terri Telesz.  

I'm an independent licensed social worker (LISW-S) licensed through the State of Ohio.  I have been working in social work for over 23 years.  I have been working in mental health in over 18 of those 23 years.  I believe the most important ability in life is to connect with others and ourselves.  I believe having these healthy connections is what we should strive for in our journey.  It is extremely important to have this connection in a therapeutic relationship as well.

I love working with teenagers because of their spunk and creative thinking.   Teenagers come up with all kinds of ideas about why they are right and their parents are wrong, or why they know better than some authority in their life (say, a parent or a teacher). That gives me a chance to hear them out.  The more teenagers come up with their own ideas, the more I can help them channel those ideas into workable solutions to problems, and the more opportunity I have to make a few suggestions to enhance what they think are the best solutions. Plus, the teens benefit from this process because they like being listened to and taken seriously. My approach to achieving this is engaging and strength based.  I believe when kids are heard without fear, judgement, or shame they are able to open up and strive to make changes.

I combine my experience, education, creativity and sense of humor (which my sons will say I lack, but I feel I can be quite witty) with a down to earth, realistic, client centered approach. I want kids to use our time together as a means to help them gain coping skills and insight into how they think, feel and behave.  I want to be able to provide them with tools they can use to help them reduce, eliminate or cope with their concerns and worries that leads to their depression and anxiety.  


I consider it an honor to walk this journey with you and your child. Please contact me at 513-392-8089 for a free 20-30 minute free phone consultation and let’s take this journey together.

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