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Find Your Way Counseling and Consulting, LLC

Supporting adolescents through life's challenges.



Find Your Way is a counseling practice helping kids and young adults ages 12-28 who are navigating their way through difficult times. Adolescence is meant to be a time of personal discovery, goal setting, and fun. Kids dealing with anxiety, depression, gender and sexual identity can miss out these precious times. Schedule a free consultation to discuss treatment options.


Individual, Family, Telemedicine, and Crisis Counseling options.


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Specializing in Adolescent Anxiety, Depression, and the LGBT Community

At Find Your Way Counseling & Consulting, we specialize in working with kids who are struggling with anxiety and depression.  Kids, like adults, may experience everyday stressors and can benefit from learning stress management and coping skills.  Stress can stem from issues with family/parents, peers/social media, school, sports, college preparation, self-esteem, and gender and sexual identity.  When kids are overloaded with life’s worries and it’s not managed in a healthy manner, it can lead to anxiety and depression.  


As a parent, you may be concerned if you notice: 

  • increased worry or fear

  • withdrawal from activities or family 

  • decline in school performance

  • change in personality 

  • inability to cope with stress 

  • increased sadness

  • change in normal daily routine 

If your teen talks about struggling or shows signs of the above, please schedule a free phone consultation.

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